This has always been our favourite place. We lie side by side and peer over the edge of the jetty. Our faces are reflected amongst the stars in the glassy water and little silver fish flit beneath the surface, pecking at the stars like breadcrumbs. I dip my fingers in the water and they dart away. The night is still and we are alone. For all we know we could be the last two people left on Earth. I feel Claire’s hand in my hair and I prop myself onto my elbow to face her. She is so beautiful, skin as pale as porcelain like a big white moon. “Don’t you ever change,” I whisper. Her eyes glint as she smiles, pressing my fingers to her lips.

I look back to the water, wanting to freeze us there forever but in her reflection she isn’t Claire anymore. Sad, hollow eyes peer out from a skeleton face with a smooth round head and I jump back, recoiling from her touch as though this creature in the water was really her.

“What is it, my love?” She kisses me softly but her lips are like ice. I keep my eyes on the water and ripples break the surface, shattering the night sky into fractals. Long, clammy fingers grasp the edge of the jetty as the creature slithers out, its body smooth and grey and naked.

He’s come for her, and death is a man with no face and long limbs that stretch out like the cables on those damn machines tangling her wrapping her up like a spider until i cant see her theres nothing left  and his face opens wide and its a big black hole and he swallows her up in one bite and theres nothing i can do i can’t reach her im falling falling falling and i remember the water the water will catch me but the water is glass now and it shatters beneath me a million little pieces like stars i scream i love you into the falling sky but the stars are screaming with me their voices drown me out like broken glass…


He wakes with a start, sweat on his forehead, shivering, shaking. The clock by the bed reads 2:46, but the letters are warped like a funhouse mirror through the mostly empty whisky bottle and for a second he panics, thinks that he is still dreaming but then he notices the silence. The whole world is still, and he is alone. Alone. He searches for her face in the darkness but he can’t see it anymore. He breathes deeply but even her smell has faded from her pillow. In the dark he fumbles, knocking the whisky bottle aside to find the little gold band on the bedside table. Only the tip of his thumb fits the empty loop that once circled her slim finger.

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