I have a new short story due in the next month or so. So, instead of starting research for it, I spent the day trawling the DIY pages of Buzzfeed. And I made a floating bookshelf. And reorganised my office. And papered the inside of my typewriter case.


042814 office split

Home office

A day well spent, I think. Tomorrow I can approach my project with a clear workspace and a clear mind… after I’m made that luggage tag journal, or those pallet bookshelves


Time for confession. What’s your favourite diversion for when writer’s block strikes, or motivation deserts you? Are you a procrasti-baker, or a procrasti-niser like me? How do you cope with writing blues?

8 thoughts on “procrastinisation

  1. Silent_Dan

    To procrastinate, I spend hours (days) on ‘researching’. Like, last night I researched different types of mecha. This is for a story with mecha in it.

    I don’t know if I’d say I get writing blues, not very often, but not so long ago I asked myself what I’d do with my life if I wasn’t writing. It basically broke me.


    1. Research is good, and so blissfully easy to get lost in while still feeling somewhat productive – as long as you don’t get sidetracked :) All that research must have helped make your story that much more credible, especially when writing about something as technical as mecha!

      I had that moment of realisation recently too. I think it hardens your resolve as a writer, motivates you to put yourself out there more and really try to do something with your writing. For me at least. After I’d had the “what am I doing with my life?” crisis haha.


      1. I’m sorry it had to come to that, and it sucks when doubt starts to creep in. But it seems like you’re doing all the right things to move your writing career forward, and you have so many interesting projects on the go! It’s a hard road to chose, but if you know that you’re doing what you love, then that’s all that matters.


      2. Silent_Dan

        Yeah. Exactly. The existential crisis was pretty short-lived, luckily. Now I’m back on the road – with gusto!


  2. I am definitely a procrasti-baker. During the past month or so the fridge has not really gone without brownies or cupcakes or something else instead of me actually doing an assignment… >.<


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