This is how you do it: you sit down at the keyboard and you put one word after the other until it’s done. It’s that easy, and that hard.

– Neil Gaiman


I’ve spent a fair bit of time today thinking (ie. trawling the archives of Writer’s Digest, 43Folders and Zen Habits) about what I need to do to get my writing career moving. And while the most effective practice that I can put into place is to actually write more, I’ve realised that the best way to progress is to set myself goals.

I write every day. Whether it’s a diary entry, checklist, an idea, a blog post, research for a story or a story itself, I write something every day. The problem is that very little of it amounts to anything tangible, usable. I lack focus. I know that I write best when I have a goal, something specific to work towards, a deadline, and it just so happened that this morning, my writer friend Dan (of Pen Wizard) linked me to a publishing house seeking submissions for anthologies. That got me wondering why the heck I haven’t been looking for those sorts of opportunities for myself, because chances are I’m not going to get published sitting at home, watching my laptop screen and waiting for the right person to stumble across my blog. A quick Google search returned quite an extensive list of anthologies looking for writing, many of them themed in genres I enjoy writing, and many of them paid. I ask myself again, why haven’t I done this sooner?? 

So, I’ve narrowed down three anthologies I want to submit to, that open submissions in July. Two are 7,500 words and one is 5,000 words. On top of that, I’m setting myself a goal of a chapter a week for my novel, which has been slowly steeping in the research/ procrastinating phase. I want to post here more frequently. And, I have a submission due for the next issue of The Brisbane Collective’s mag in a month or less, so I am going to be a busy little bee!

If you see me in the real world or on Facebook, or stumble upon my blog, harass me about my writing, what I’m working on, how close to finishing I am, how many words I’ve written that day. Make me feel bad if I haven’t written any. Lord knows I need a kick up the butt.

3 thoughts on “goals

  1. Writing everyday is something I strive for but uni takes precedence. Which sucks! I miss the BFA so much. Umm, do you follow Scum Mag? They’re online and from the 28th of this month til the 7th of June they’re publishing a story a night as a way to honour the Sydney Writer’s Fest. The theme is 2AM. But that could just be when you’re writing it :-) Word limit 1000. It’s going to be the first thing I write when exams finish this week!


    1. I’ve heard of Scum! Preeetty sure I met a customer at work last year who said he was friends with the editor? I’ll have to check it out. That sounds like a cool project! And good luck with your exams! I know how hard it is to give your writing the time it deserves when you’re torn between work and study and somehow trying to squeeze in having a life as well haha. But even writing for assignments counts as writing, no matter how dry it may seem! :)


      1. That is so cool! The pieces on there are brilliant. I’ve seen the only works of poetry I really like on that magazine. They turned me down once but I am determined that I will be published somewhere and I THINK I have the right piece for 2AM. Hopefully!
        Writing essays is the only part of my degree I actually like. Well, besides the content. But they don’t like it when I make it easy to understand. Psych essays are supposed to be as technical as possible. I can almost hear Glen shouting at everyone!


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