critical thinking / over thinking

CRITICAL THINKING / OVER-THINKING For Andy Harwood, shown at The Third Quarter Gallery, Paddington, October 2019 Brisbane artist, Andy Harwood, presents a collection of non-representational artworks in his latest exhibition, Critical thinking / over-thinking. Harwood has previously shown works in group and solo exhibitions, his most recent, Incremental Structure, shown at Maverick Art Space (2018). This exhibition…… Continue reading critical thinking / over thinking


RECLAMATION For Elspeth Merriman, shown at Side Gallery, Red Hill, April 2021 Elspeth Merriman is a Brisbane based artist working predominantly in illustration. Born in 1990, Merriman studied design in 2009 with a focus on digital illustration, however found the digital form stifled her ability to command an audience and communicate narrative. Merriman has…… Continue reading reclamation