I’ve been published!

I've been published!

A delightful surprise awaited me when I got home from work on Friday afternoon – my copy of The Brisbane Collective’s magazine, To Be Continued. As my first published piece, I was more than a little stoked to see my name in the list of contributors, my story in a table of contents. By now, this little mag should have made its way to a number of cafes, music stores, tattoo parlours, book shops, art stores and creative spaces, so if you see them, grab a copy! For those who miss out, it will be available for digital download on April 20th, so I shall link to it then. A big thank you for the great work The Brisbane Collective has done to produce this magazine and support local creatives :)


Thank you kindly to all of my new followers, who have joined me so early in my journey. It’s very inspiring and motivating to know that people have stumbled upon my little corner of the internet and are reading!


ImageIn happy news, the wonderful people at The Brisbane Collective have released a list of locations from which the upcoming first edition of their magazine – featuring yours truly! – will be distributed from April 13 onwards. This Sunday! Check out this list here and grab a copy, with special mention to Kettle and Tin in Paddington and Bear Bones Espresso in the Valley, where you may just find me behind the coffee machine. :)